Everyday & Sunday Cutlery by BIG-GAME

The Swiss based design Studio BIG-GAME was founded in 2004 by Grégoire Jeanmonod, Elric Petit and Augustin Scott de Martinville. Having previously designed both Beam and Laundry Basket for HAY, BIG-GAME has added two new cutlery collections, Everyday and Sunday, to their list of functional design products. Working with durable stainless steel, BIG-GAME has varied the textures and finishes on the two collections, creating cutlery that looks good on the table, in the hand or covered in food.

We asked the trio what the process was like designing the first cutlery collection for HAY and what inspired the unique flattened shape. 

Photo by Maciej Czepiel

Photo by Maciej Czepiel

Where did the design process start for the collections? 

We recently started a new business specialized in airline tableware, which led us to research food service on-board aircrafts. While building a portfolio for that company, we designed several sets of metallic cutlery sized specifically for on-board catering. We showed some of our designs to the HAY team and they liked the simplicity of the ranges so we reworked the design of two collections to make them fit for home use.

Where did you look for and find inspiration? 

The two typologies are very classical, they’re essentially a contemporary take on things that exist in our collective memory. As this topic of tableware has been in our minds for a while, we have gathered references of cutlery from all around the world, usually anonymous, that we have encountered in cafeterias, airplanes, restaurants and flea markets.

How did you settle on the final designs for Everyday and Sunday? 

Pretty early on, we selected what would become Everyday: a very essential range - almost simple sheets of stamped stainless steel - and loved the idea of having different metallic finishes, like the golden version.

The idea with Sunday was to also have something very functional, but slightly more sophisticated in terms of texture and more classical in terms of look.

How is designing cutlery different than other products?  

The interesting challenge when designing cutlery is that these items: are tools for everyday life, have to look good on the table, have to feel comfortable in hand and when you put them in your mouth.

It’s a unique combination of factors that makes designing cutlery a very interesting brief.

For a product that is used every day and often many times a day how did you select materials? 

We went for 18-10 grade stainless steel, an excellent quality alloy that performs very well in terms of hygiene and durability.

What characteristics of the design are you most pleased with?

We think these designs are a good match with the vision behind the HAY Kitchen Market: functional and playful items that make everyday life more enjoyable.

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