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Handmade from recycled plastic strips, Bertjan Pot’s Maxim Bag is a colourful bag featuring a distinctive log cabin pattern. The durable woven construction and original design make the bag a functional and fashionable accessory for shopping and carrying items, as well as for using for storage at home. The bag is available in different sizes and colours.

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MAXIM BAG / Designer

Bertjan Pot was born in 1975 in the Netherlands. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1998, before opening his own studio in Rotterdam. His work reflects his curiosity for materials, with the starting point of most products arising from material research. His desire to explore how things would function or look are the catalyst for his experiments, resulting in unique interior products that reflect his fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colours. Bertjan Pot’s work has exhibited in major cities worldwide and has won numerous international awards. For HAY, he has designed the Paper Cube Lamp Collection, Maxim Box and Bag, as well as curating the colourways in the Six-Colour Bag.