New Order Workspace

New Order creates atmospheres and spaces that bring people together, and enables a user to be as comfortable in the workspace as in the home. It offers extremely flexible solutions for storage, organization, and display, while remaining distinguished by its simplicity.


Combinations of shelving units and cabinets can provide an efficient and flexible space-management solution where objects can be securely stored away or openly displayed. The aluminium grid is available in different colour options, with the possibility of adding panels, doors, trays and drawers to customise the appearance and functionality, creating infinite combinations and applications.


In an office environment, New Order units create a unified, harmonious aesthetic that is both professional and inviting. Table and storage units can be combined to create efficient workspaces that enable high workflow and productivity.

Space Divider

New Order shelving units can also be used as transparent space dividers in an office, enabling conversation and visibility while also offering a sense of privacy.


Featuring a simple construction in long-lasting materials, the New Order Table can be used as a meeting table in an office environment. With a light, durable aluminium frame and linoleum table top in different colour options, the table combines functional and aesthetic qualities in a versatile table design. Adaptable to a wide range of workspace applications, the table’s framework can be supplemented with cable management solutions, dividers and other components to improve functionality.


Our interactive, 3D configurator enables you to design the ideal New Order system to suit your needs. Experiment with different combinations, select colours and materials, and add drawers and shelves to create the perfect solution.

The configurator also allows you to save and share your design, or to download DWG, as well as finding prices and an item list for your finished product.