Living with HAY captures how people live with their favourite HAY furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Illustrator and Creative Consultant Alfred Bramsen opened the doors of his apartment in Hackney, London.

Tell us about your aesthetics and style.


Alfred Bramsen: I love to combine different styles. One part of me loves colourful, printed textiles, brightly coloured furnishings, and loads of beautiful objects. The other part of me loves wood and simple interiors. I think my style is a mixture of the two.


Where do you find your inspiration, for interior as well as for fashion?


Alfred Bramsen: I find inspiration from both my hometown, Copenhagen, and my favourite destination, Japan.

What does colour mean to you?


Alfred Bramsen: Everything (laughs)!

I love colour. Certain colours in particular are really important to me, such as red, blue, pink, and shades of beige and brown. There is something very magical about surrounding yourself with the colours that you love.


What features attract you to an item?


Alfred Bramsen: It’s very instinctual! I am immediately attracted to an object; it’s love at first sight or it's not for me.

What does a typical day look like when you’re home?


Alfred Bramsen: I wake up as early as I can; I am a bit of a night owl and love working at night, so waking up before 9 AM is sometimes a struggle.


I love cleaning the house and setting up my space before starting the day. It’s almost as important for me as it is to shower and get dressed. I work between my living room and my studio nearby. As long as I am working with beautiful objects and my tools, I am happy!


In the evening, I usually walk the dog, then plan or order something for dinner.

What is your favourite HAY piece in your home?


Alfred Bramsen: Definitely my HAY New Order Shelving Unit. It holds our music, inspirational books, art supplies, papers, and a lot more. It is truly a game-changing piece of furniture!