How do you take your coffee table?

Everybody knows a coffee table is good for much more than coffee. We make these classic furniture items in a wide array of styles, colors, heights, sizes, and materials, so they can satisfy any need: place them in front of the sofa to kick up your feet, next to an armchair to store books and display art, or under a window as an extra windowsill for plants.

To offer a little inspiration and to showcase the versatility of the coffee table, we’ve created a round up of some of ours that highlights their standout characteristics.

Form and Function

Sometimes we need our coffee table to work overtime, doubling as a table while doing something else, too. With these tables, form goes hand in hand with function.


The metal Tray Table’s name says it all. When the tray top is in place, it can be used as a coffee table or bedside table; but the tray can also be removed and used on its own to serve or transport anything you’d like.


The Tulou Coffee Table has a round, removable tray with a firm, easy-to-hold edge and a stable, four-legged frame. It is classic and modern at once, while also serving a second purpose.


Aptly named, the Don’t Leave Me Table (DLM) can be easily carried and positioned anywhere you need it. Lightweight and compact, this portable table features a convenient handle that doubles as an original aesthetic flourish.

Perfect in Pairs

Mixing coffee tables of varying sizes, materials, or shapes in your living space can be a great way to keep things fresh. Opt for surprising or unexpected combinations — pairing wood with steel, for example.


The Slit Table was inspired by paper origami: its slim frame appears to be folded beneath the tabletop, creating a sculptural form reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper art. Available in numerous sizes and heights, it works well in twos.


Bella Coffee Table is an understated table that is small enough to place anywhere and combine with other tables in differing sizes. With its ultra-thin surface and moulded-oak veneer legs, it embodies all that is essential in a coffee table. 

Storage and Display

Some particularly clever coffee tables offer a space for those items we don’t want to put away, but still need to keep orderly — from books, to papers, to pretty little things we can’t quite classify.


The Eiffel Coffee Table series, with its gently tapered silhouette, is based on a simple layering principle. Available in diverse colours, heights, and shapes, the line’s open format is a perfect way to create organized display.


Sylvain Willenz’s Rebar collection, produced in round, square, and rectangular versions, juxtaposes a reinforced steel-bar frame with black marble tops and metal trays that are ideal for stylish storage.