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Pinorama is a flexible wall module that helps you organise your everyday life by providing a functional, stylish and versatile storage solution. The perforated metal features a cork backing and offers a wide range of accessories designed to fit onto the metal grid.

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  • Size: W35 X D12.5
  • Color: WINE
  • Item no: 505507
  • Care & Maintenance Please note that the maximum weight of the shelf is 3kg. Pinorama Cork Shelf/ To remove dirt we recommend you use a dry cloth. Do not use water. To remove stains or spots, rub affected areas gently with 300-320 grit sandpaper.

PINORAMA / Variants

PINORAMA / Designer

Inga Sempé is a French designer who lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) in Paris (1993), she also took up a scholarship at the Villa Medici, Académie de France in Rome (2000 - 2001). She was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2007. Her work is known for a lightness of touch, for a strong personality and for a particularly tactile nature. The idea of everyday use is at the centre of Sempé’s approach and she often seeks out materials with special properties to answer the need of a daily function. For HAY, she has created the idiosyncratic accessories Letter Box, Pinorama Ruban, Panier and Matin Table Lamp. 

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