As the days grow shorter, most homes need a little lighting boost. HAY has got you covered, offering a vast and varied selection of pendant, table, floor lamps and more. From the handwoven Bonbon Shade to George Nelson’s iconic Bubble Lamp, and from Inga Sempé’s Matin Table Lamp to the compact, weatherproof PC Portable, HAY Lighting has something to satisfy any need.

Explore an inspirational selection of our newest lights below, just in time for Fall. 


Ana Kraš’ Bonbon Shades are one-of-a-kind pieces, produced by wrapping cotton-wool yarn around powder-coated steel frames to create individual lampshades that vary slightly in their appearance and texture. Available in two distinctive colourways.

George Nelson Bubble Lamp

The iconic Bubble Lamp, designed in the ‘50s for Herman Miller by pioneering American designer George Nelson, is soon available from HAY in four distinctive sizes and shapes, so people around the world can bring this piece of history home.


With its clean yet romantic silhouette, Inga Sempe’s Matin Table Lamp is a versatile addition to any lighting collection. Available with a vibrant range of coloured shades, Matin works perfectly in every room in the home, from the bedroom to the office.


Inspired by the tulip-shaped shade of his iconic PC Task Lamp, Pierre Charpin and HAY have created an extended family of PC lights, which includes the PC Portable, the PC Table Lamp, and the PC Pendant. Available in a range of colours and finishes, the PC Family has something for everyone, bringing a touch of unique elegance to any environment, from the bedroom to the dining room or office.


HAY Lighting Collection 2019

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