1.349 EUR

Colour Carpet is Scholten & Baijings’s first rug collection for HAY in 100% New Zealand wool, where three carpets offer three distinct identities, each with their own unique colour scheme and graphic expression.

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  • Size: W170 X L240
  • Material: 80WOOL/20COTTON
  • Item no: 501305
  • Care & Maintenance COLOUR CARPET / The Colour Carpet is 100% New Zealand wool, which will give surplus wool but this will decrease with time. Protect the carpet from direct sun-light as colours may fade. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and frequently to reduce surplus wool, particularly in high traffic areas. Vacuum the carpet preferably once a week or more to ensure that dirt and dust is kept out of the pile. Remove dirt and soil particles immediately before they become imbedded into the pile of the carpet. In case of any liquid spillage onto the carpet, soak up the excess spill by dabbing care-fully with a sponge or absorbent cotton towel. Avoid rubbing on the carpet as it may cause the spot to distort or spread the pile and damage the carpet. Professionally clean as required. We recommend using professional carpet cleaners or dry cleaning, if the stain is stubborn or there is a need for a thorough cleaning.



Scholten & Baijings is the design studio of Stefan Scholten (b. 1972) and Carole Baijings (b. 1973), situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Founded in 2000, they work across product, furniture, graphic and exhibition design. They have worked on a wide number of product typologies including chairs, ceramics, glassware, textiles, rugs, and tableware. They also worked on concepts for prestigious institutions and brands. Together they have won a number of awards, including the Dutch Design Award, the Wallpaper Design Award and the ELLE Decoration International Design Award. Scholten is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, while Baijings is a self-taught designer. Perfectionists by nature, their products are distinguished by a carefully considered use of pattern, colour and graphic elements. For HAY they have designed a wide selection of different furniture, textiles and accessories. These include the 13Eighty, Colour Glass, Paper Porcelain, Tea Towel S&B, Colour Carpet and Colour Sticks.