Lee Storm

Lee Storm

‘We are two designers with different competences within the same profession. That is an advantage, both for us and for our products,’ says Nina Lee Storm.


Nina Lee Storm and Ludvig Storm’s close professional and personal relationship creates cross-over synergies in their work, which includes graphics, art and interiors, ideally combining all three domains in the same assignment. They both trained as graphic designers, Nina Lee specialising in font design, and Ludvig with a special passion for hands-on craftsmanship. With this background, the distance from idea to finished product is not long for this multidisciplinary duo, which has developed custom-made fonts for several companies and created artistic and spatial wall decorations and installations for both private homes and corporate or organisational settings.

‘I first came across Lee Storm’s work at Storm in Copenhagen, which was one of the first stores in Denmark to combine fashion with books, beauty and accessories. On a wall in the store they had created some colourful installations in wood titled “Diamonds and Worms”, which I immediately saw a potential in,’ says Mette Hay.

Today, that potential is reflected in two HAY products: the domino set Pieces N Play and the colourful wooden building blocks Wooden Wonderland, a perfect gift for anyone who loves games, playing and the tantalising potential of colours.

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