25 EUR

Geometric shapes made in natural materials that function as desk architecture. For home or office, made from cork and solid ash, these playful objects help keep small office items within easy reach.

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  • Size: Ø9 X H13
  • Material: CORK
  • Item no: 400631
  • Care & Maintenance 12 pins are included.

CORK CONE / Variants

CORK CONE / Designer

Daniel Emma is the industrial design studio of Daniel To and Emma Aiston, originally launched while they worked in London, they are now based in Adelaide, Australia. They met while on the industrial design course at the University of South Australia, graduating in 2007. They won the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award (BSDDA) in 2010. Their approach to design is to create objects of quiet simplicity, often by re-appropriating everyday forms and re-contextualising them. They design objects at all different scales, working on both small batch production and industrially produced items. For HAY, they designed the Magnetic Tower and Cork Cone desktop accessories. 

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