The Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to show appreciation to your friends and loved ones – and a little gift goes a long way. HAY believes that a good gift should be as beautiful to behold as it is useful, and our Accessories collection is simply bursting at the seams with products that elevate the modest moments that make up everyday life.

This year, we asked HAY Co-founder and Creative Director of Accessories Mette Hay to share her favorite items from the current collection, and to offer some gift-giving inspiration. Enjoy!


Using Colour Crates is a special way to create order in your home or your office, and they work in any room from the bathroom to the kitchen. Personally, I use mine to store Christmas ornaments! This is the kind of product that is so versatile and multipurpose, you can keep and use it forever.


Panier is a modern take on a classic bread basket, and it’s super durable so it can be a fixture in your kitchen for many years! It’s perfect for the season of Christmas lunches, where everybody needs bread presented in a beautiful way.


These bright, playful water bottles are such an important gift in the current moment, where people are really understanding how vital it is that we reuse bottles instead of throwing away plastic! Plus they’re just fresh and fun. 


Our all-time favorite bed cover. Still a perfect Christmas gift and will keep your bedroom calm and restful. 


These Trays are super beautiful to use for storing jewelry or office supplies on your desk. But around the holidays, I think they’re just perfect for a Christmas lunch table, for example a vibrant and creative way to serve butter and other condiments.


A classic HAY product and a great gift for your uncle! These grinders are made in original, beautiful colours that can be kept on the table all day long, like a sculptural and artistic addition to the table.


Flare is elegant and festive but good for all seasons. Perfect for a dining table when you have guests over, and so delicate in its craftwork. At Christmastime it’s a beautiful little host gift that is great to put in a corner of your house where you have no light.


An absolutely original gift. This type of mug that you don’t need to buy many of: it’s one-of-a-kind and a perfect specialty gift that can stand out with a little flare in someone’s cupboard.


This vase is beautiful with summer flowers in it, but is also gorgeous around Christmas time. I think a more winter palette offers a nice a contrast to the vibrant, fresh colours of the vase.


This is a super nice example of an everyday object where the design and colours elevate the product. For me, this is a gift that you give to someone and they never need to buy another watering can again!


This is a gift that everybody should get for Christmas, because it’s so extremely functional and stylish at the same time. It can hold two bags worth of groceries, and the shape is so perfect for shopping, so you can avoid wasting those one-time use plastic bags.

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