Quilton Sofa by Doshi Levien

Introducing Quilton, a brand-new modular sofa from London-based design duo Doshi Levien. Featuring a versatile and flexible system of modules from which you can build many different environments, shapes, and styles, Quilton is distinguished by its bold aesthetic character and finely tailored detail of its quilt-like surface, which lends the product its name.

"Doshi Levien are designers you go to when you want a strong product," says Rolf Hay. "They are distinguished by their ability to create products that truly stand out, and they are incredibly original and detail-oriented in the way they think about design."

Doshi Levien

Quilton sketches

A generous design that pairs great comfort with elegance, Quilton matches its bold visual character with a pleasing, balanced aesthetic. It is ample without sacrificing delicate details, like the classic stitches that define its surface and the skilled hand craftsmanship of the upholstery. The raised rounded platform of the sofa gives it a light, floating quality.

Quilton is solid without appearing heavy, its complex yet harmonious surface texture distinguishing it from other modular sofas in the HAY collection. To celebrate Quilton’s launch, we visited Doshi Levien in their London studio and Barbican apartment.

Was the idea always to create a modular sofa?

Nipa Doshi:
Although Quilton started as a modular collection, the three-seater sofa with armrests on both sides is a strong stand-alone piece. Often modular pieces look like blocks, but we wanted to design a collection where each modular piece looked complete on its own. Modularity isn’t about infinite combinations, it’s about being able to create a landscape that works for multiple spaces but still feels whole.

What was the starting point for the Quilton design?

Jonathan Levien:
 Our starting point for the sofa was to create a design that was bold, sculptural, and inviting balanced with elegant sartorial details. We thought this typology was missing in the HAY collection. Jonathan and I love tailoring; the soft quilting defines the identity of the design.


How does the Quilton fit into the HAY universe?

Nipa Doshi: The HAY universe is of modern and accessible design. It’s also very original. HAY has created a new aesthetic of our time. Yet there are so many different aesthetic languages within that universe, including ours, which is very much about tailoring, craftsmanship, and plurality of different cultures.


About Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien is a London based design studio founded in 2000 by Nipa Doshi (b. 1971) and Jonathan Levien (b. 1972). Doshi grew up in India and studied at the National Institute of Design, while Jonathan, who is from Scotland, trained in fine cabinet making followed by industrial design. They met while studying at the Royal College of Art. They have established a strong reputation for creating design that is both technically advanced and imbued with cultural resonance. They have been internationally acclaimed for their work and in 2008 were awarded the prestigious Future Legends of Design by the Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design in New York. Together, they bring to bear a complimentary set of skills to the projects they work on. Doshi is primarily concerned with visual culture, an aesthetic understanding of the world and the materiality of things, while Levien is more focused on industrial precision and technique. They have worked on projects for industry leading companies and institutions in the fields of furniture, fashion, homewares, technology and lighting. 

Quilton Sofa Selected combinations