Arbour Eco Sofa by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik

A collaborative effort between designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, the Arbour Eco Sofa is the first-ever sofa produced by a Danish company to receive the official Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Its sleek, wooden frame creates a strong profile with an architectural quality that is echoed in its logical construction and uncluttered design language. Distinguished by elegant simplicity, Arbour Eco is assembled from well-constructed, separate components that have been independently produced for optimal comfort, quality, and efficiency. That means that every part can be maintained and repaired without replacing the whole sofa, guaranteeing a longer, more eco-friendly life.


Denmark’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabel sofa, with an environmental profile and an authentically Scandinavian aesthetic, Arbour Eco is distinguished by clean, honest simplicity and the high quality of its materials.

Arbour Eco uses Oeko-Tex foam, EU-Ecolabelled textiles and FSC-certified wood. It is built to last, with parts that can be repaired or replace invidually.


What is Arbour’s origin story?

Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik: Arbour started with the idea of designing the way one would make a sofa before designing the sofa itself. The question was: If you were to make the first sofa how would that look? We ended up with a concept where we separated the individual components. Instead of having multiple persons simultaneously working on a 3-seater sofa, adding layer upon layer on top of a basic structure, we would have pillows and covers made in an upholstery workshop, and a strong, durable, but at the same time slender and elegant wood frame made in a wood workshop. The parts would then be assembled upon delivery.

Arbour Eco / uph. hallingdal 220 / wine red water-based lacquer beech base

What is noteworthy about Arbour?

Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik: This sofa is efficient in the amount of textile used, where the structural components are all repairable and separable and where there is an efficiency and logical assembly. We believe this pushes the sofa into a more environmentally friendly space than most other sofas on the market, and it has in fact been awarded the “Nordic Swan” ecolabel in the European market.


How would you describe the finished product?

Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik: Arbour’s clean and logical appearance, its use of warm natural materials like wood and leather, give the sofa a clear Scandinavian connection. We have also used high-quality infills and elastic so it is incredibly comfortable to both sit and lie in, and the use of side pillows of the same size and construction as the back pillows invite the user to a multitude of sitting positions. The frame is made in solid Oak or solid Walnut. With large wood planks covering the back and sides, the sofa clearly defines its space and creates a contrast that amplifies the soft and organic inside to the more architectural frame. Arbour shows its construction. It is honest and simple, but at the same time elegant, comfortable, and iconic.

Arbour Eco Selected Variants