The pCon.planner

A professional furniture-planning tool for laptops and computers

HAY products are available on pCon.planner ME (free edition), pCon.planner PRO and pCon Basket.

The pCon.planner planning tools enable dealers, planners, architects, and interior designers to create complete 3D-space plans and to visualize them in photo-realistic quality. Combined with the pCon.update (accessible by registration only) the planner give access to OFML data for room planning and 3D product configuration, as well as generation of offers and quotes.

To get HAY OFML data* for the pCon.planner, please sign in with your login data or make a request to register, if you are a new customer.

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*) HAY OFML data is available for 11 markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


A configuration tool for smartphones and tablets

You will also be able to find HAY’s products in the is an interactive app allowing for the use of OFML data at the point of sale.

Download the app for your mobile phone or try the web-version online is avaliable to all, with or without registration.