Keeping the simple design and functional, the Tann Toothbrush is manufactured by tooth care professionals Jordan. Made with a plastic handle and nylon brushes in a variety of colours.

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TANN / Variants

TANN / Designer

Andreas Engesvik is a Norwegian designer who established his own studio in 2009. Previously, he was a founding member of the groundbreaking design studio Norway Says, with whom he worked for six years. Engesvik studied first Art History at the University of Bergen, Norway, then went on to study Design at the National College of Art and Design, graduating with his Masters in 2000. His work has won a number of international awards, including the Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award and the Wallpaper Design Award. His approach to design is informed by the idea that objects need to be mastered before they are created. For HAY, Engesvik has designed the Tann Toothbrush and Arbour in collaboration with Daniel Rybakken.