Komplot and HAY’s Little Nobody Chair was an industrial sensation when it was launched in 2007. A stackable chair moulded in a single piece from one hundred percent recyclable plastic converted into felt had never been done before. Nobody is soft, comfortable and versatile with no potentially dangerous hard edges or loose parts. The lightweight chair has the additional advantage of making no noise or scratches when pulled across the floor, and is easy to pick up and move around. The chair is perfect for children, who tend to challenge furniture by using it for a wide range of purposes.

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Komplot Design is the studio that was set up in Copenhagen by Boris Berlin (b. 1953) and Poul Christiansen (b. 1947) in 1987. In 2011 Berlin and Christiansen parted company to work on other projects, but still maintain Komplot’s active projects. Komplot had a multidisciplinary approach, working across industrial, graphic and furniture design. Their work received widespread acclaim and won numerous international design awards. Their ethos was guided by the need to tell stories as well as to solve functional problems. Their designs are recognised as technically sophisticated, conceptually strong and aesthetically expressive. For HAY, Komplot created the groundbreaking Nobody chair, the first monoblock dining chair to use only textile in its construction.