Living Room Inspiration

With the CAN SOFA, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec seek to go beyond the creation of a practical, elegant and comfortable design.

BOTTOMS UP VASE features an elegant neck balanced upon a domed base with a two-toned design in coloured glass.

The SILHOUETTE DUO SOFA series is characterised by the smooth curve of the sofa’s back, which seamlessly combines a strong character with a simple, organic expression.

SLIT TABLE is best described as paper origami translated into a metal universe, named after the slit that emerges when the plate frame is folded underneath the table top. 

FLOWERPOT is a minimalist flowerpot with a saucer made of black or grey polystone; a modern composite material.

Versatile and modular, the NEW ORDER SHELVING SYSTEM can be customized to your environment and tastes.

The BERNARD CHAIR explores the easy-chair genre within a contemporary context.

Rotate the base of TURN ON, to dim or increase the light.

Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details, the MAGS SOFA ensures what lies beyond its strong aesthetic presence has an equally lasting impact.

The TIME HOURGLASS offers a contemporary twist on the classic hourglass timer.

The PLICA SPRINKLE CUSHION SERIES comprises a collection of versatile cushions for arranging on sofas or beds.

PEAS is woven in India. The coloured wool felt balls have slight nuances that give the collection a unique and versatile expression. 

The large choice of upholstery options and base finishes make the ABOUT A LOUNGE 82 suitable for a wide range of public and private contexts.


The MATIN TABLE LAMP offers a contemporary yet poetic design, with a construction that combines visual delicacy with physical robustness.

The DLM TABLE designed by Thomas Bentzen

SOFT  EDGE 12, where curves and comfort converge. Designed by Iskos-Berlin.

With an angular front view and defining piping details, the SILHOUETTE SOFA appears compact and economical with space, yet light and spacious and offers generous seating.