New Order System

Every aspect of the home and office were considered when designing the New Order shelving system making it suitable for both the kitchen, the living room and the office. 

New Order 1 x 2 Layer Wallmounted 100 cm  

New Order can be mounted on the wall, offering both functional storage and a visual renewal of interior space. The design allows for both open and closed shelving options as well as horizontal and vertical. 

The New Order shelving system has infinite customizable configurations for any space or need.

The New Order System has adapted and developed to fit the ever-changing demands of the home and work environment. Panels can be attached and removed at convenience from any side of the structure as well as sliding doors.

The multitude of configurations and possibilities along with functional components and durable parts make it as appropriate in a home setting as in an office. 

Flowerpot XXL on the New Order shelf.


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