PC Lamp by Pierre Charpin

Pierre Charpin trained as an artist before turning his attention to objects and furniture. Pierre’s training as an artist has informed many of his designs, yet his PC lamp is a technically advanced design, engineered to conceal the inner workings of the lamp and employ today’s most modern lighting technology.

Pierre works from his father, the artist Marc Charpin’s, former studio on the outskirts of Paris. Filled with light and a vast array of objects and drawings the studio looks out on a skate park and playground built by his father in the 1970s. 

Pierre’s design for the PC Lamp, is visually and physically simple despite having arms and a head that hold their position wherever they are moved. The design hides the gas springs that hold the lamp in place as well as the wires inside the structure of the lamp. 

Developed over three years, Pierre describes the design process as, “a long slow process of transformation,” Ultimately resulting in a lamp with four main components, the head, the arms, the joints, the base. Each is produced in different materials ABS plastic, aluminium and cast iron, which Pierre notes, “are the most appropriate (materials) for each of them.”  

“I immediately thought that I didn't want to show the technical components. From the design point of view, I wanted that the object remains as simple as possible, at least visually. I didn't want that the object becomes a kind of technical demonstration.”