Over the course of all those brief moments and automatic routines that make up a day, the difference is in the details. That’s why HAY Accessories offers a broad and diverse range of everyday essentials that can brighten up even the most basic of daily activities, from grocery shopping to exercising outside to organizing the bathroom.


At the end of a busy day, your bedroom is a sanctuary -- so treat it with affection! Hang your clothes on some Soft Coat Hangers, throw your clothes into a sleek and contemporary Laundry Basket, and flop down on a vibrant Kite Quilt for some well-earned rest.


Even the bathroom has a right to look fresh. Try slipping Colour Crates into your shelves to store those messy tidbits in style, add an Aquarelle curtain to the shower, and tidy up the sink by tossing your stray products into a Hue Makeup Bag.


For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Leon Ransmeir’s Shortwave Dish Rack makes even drying dishes a treat for the eyes, while Sowden’s convenient Salt and Pepper grinders transform the most basic condiments into decorative objects.


Whether the task is kicking back on the sofa, settling in to work from home, or just having a snack, a few bits of flair can really perk up the Living Room. Vases and candleholders, like a Jessica Hans Vase or Flare, double as inspirational eye candy even when they’re not being used.


Don’t leave the house unprepared! Grab a Six-Colour Bag, made from ripstop nylon that can handle any load, fill a Travel Cup with your favorite beverage, and hit the road with everything you need.