Designed by Scholten & Baijings and produced by master porcelain makers in Japan, the Paper Porcelain Collection of cups, vases, and plates is distinguished by an elegant delicacy that belies a surprising strength. Thin and graceful yet durable enough for everyday use, Paper Porcelain products are created to mimic the bespoke aesthetic of the folded and incised cardboard models used by the designers in the creation process. 

Paper Porcelain prototypes in cardboard.

Paper Porcelain came to be by way of a happy accident. One day, Scholten & Baijings looked over at a group of cardboard prototypes they had created for a collection of cups and plates, and realized that the incision lines cut into the paper to make them round were actually quite beautiful.

“We had this table filled with all our prototypes, and we thought, actually, we like them so much, we want them to just be exactly translated into their porcelain counterparts.”

– Carole Baijings

Early sketches of Paper Porcelain.

At the factory in Arita, Japan, stones are selected for colour and texture and ground into a delicate clay that is then poured into white moulds. 

Adjustments to the illusory “fold lines” are drawn by hand to produce the striking effect of the final product.

Paper Porcelain at the factory in Arita, Japan. 

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