Dining with HAY: table setting for an alfresco fall meal

Take a peek at this stunning HAY dinner table, created for an alfresco meal in Los Angeles by Uruguayan-born, USA-based chef Ignacio Mattos, owner of esteemed NYC restaurants Estela, Café Altro Paradiso, and Flora Bar.

Using a simple yet colourful mix of dining essentials, the table setting creates a sense of calm without a feeling of heaviness or overcrowding.

On the table you’ll see the Sunday cutlery by Swiss design studio BIG-GAME, Tint glasses, Rainbow porcelain tableware, as well as Arcs and Flare candleholders for ambience. The combination of colours is playful but intentional, with tones that complement each other.

The result is a cosy, intimate table that feels light and playful. Find the tones and textures you love from HAY and create your own perfect table.

Ignacio Matos