Living with HAY – Annika and Karl-Oskar's home in the suburbs of Copenhagen

Living with HAY captures how people live with their favourite HAY furniture, lighting, and accessories. Take a peek into the home of Fashion Director Annika Zobel and her husband Karl-Oskar Olsen, founder of Wood Wood and Pas Normal Studios, in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

Annika Zobel and Karl-Oskar Olsen

What does design mean to you?

Annika: For us, design is the implementation of a process to solve a functional need in an aesthetic language. We strive to surround ourselves with objects that mean something to us. I personally like objects with power, something that has a bombastic approach. It tells me the designer is confident and that the material or fabric is weighted as much as the functionality.

Tell us about your Mags sofa.

Annika: We chose the Mags sofa as it spoke to us in so many ways. The proportions, the fabric, the detail in the stitching; basically everything. For me, it's the perfect sofa as it's quite unpretentious yet very special. It's an object that is so timeless you think you’ve seen it before, but when you sit in you know you’ve never tried anything like it before.

What is your favourite item in the house?

Annika: Both of our fireplaces really tie the house together. They are things that we really appreciate having. It gives fantastic karma to have an open fireplace inside a house; the smell and sound of it is pure happiness. We love to make the ambiance extra cozy with a colourful candle setup during the long, dark Danish winter.

How do you define your personal style, both in terms of your wardrobe and home decor?

Annika: It's an eclectic mix of antiques, modern Danish furniture, and custom-made objects made for our home. We like that there's a different little story to be told in each item.

What is your favourite room in the house?

Annika: The dining room with our big working table. It is often used for dinners with friends, Christmas Eves, birthdays, etc.