Bonbon Shade by Ana Kraš

A good lamp stands on its own, whether turned on or off. Ana Kraš' handwoven Bonbon Shade, made from cotton-wool thread that has been wrapped around a steel frame and available in two colourways, embodies the original charm of handicraft.

We spoke with Ana Kraš about her design process, and what makes Bonbon a work of art.

“My favourite thing about this product is that it has endless possibilities. The shapes, the colours. It’s really easy to make something really classic and something over the top, in the same production process. Just by changing the shape and the colourways.”

“I always think about lamps in this way, that they are around all day long. But you need light only when it gets dark. And a lamp when it’s turned off is an object, like any other object. I do like that difference, between on and off.” 

– Ana Kraš


“When I met Mette and Rolf a few years ago, I really liked the idea of the company: and I feel like it was sort of focusing on this particular niche, which was in between two different design worlds."

"And I felt that this was the right match, to try to make this handmade thing into handmade but produced thing, that will be available on a larger scale.”

– Ana Kraš

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