Introducing the HAY X ARoS Art Museum Collaboration

Located in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, the ARoS Museum is the country’s oldest public art museum outside of Copenhagen. This summer, ARoS collaborated with HAY to launch the ARoS Market, a new cultural hub occupying the museum’s entire fourth floor, and featuring a restaurant, a café, a lounge, a library, and a museum shop all furnished with HAY products.

“At HAY, we are used to giving designers tasks, and with this assignment from ARoS we actually got to taste our own medicine. Based on that working relationship, a conversation has emerged that has been rewarding, inspiring, and incredibly fun. The collaboration with ARoS has given us some experiences that we want to explore further in the development of HAY.”

- Rolf Hay

“We chose to work with HAY because we have great sympathy for their company, but also because ARoS and HAY share many perspectives and values. We share an enthusiasm for the unique visual object, and we both have an inherent desire to create something unexpected: and HAY also has a strong artistic foundation.”

- Erlend G. Høyersten, ARoS Museum Director


In the café, Terazzo High Tables and Cornet Bar Stools offer relaxed seating for visitors.

In the shop, a vast system of New Order offers structure, enclosure, and display, creating a dynamic architectural space. The red color emphasizes the museum’s commitment to bold originality and difference. 

In the restaurant, CPH 20 and Triangle Leg Tables paired with classic J41 and J42 Chairs create an inviting space distinguished by its warm, organic materials. Bonbon Shades offer texture and bring the feeling of craft into the space. New Order Shelves display wine bottles that are for sale. 

The café features Pyramid Tables and Result Chairs that contribute to the easy, bright feeling of a city-sidewalk café, while the flexibility of Pyramid Benches accommodates groups of various sizes. 

In the lounge, visitors can relax in About A Lounge Chairs, or take more private meetings in a variety of Silhouette Sofas, both High- and Low-backed. Uchiwa Chairs and a range of light coffee tables can easily be moved around, creating a lively, flexible environment.

Furnished with New Order Tables, Revolver Stools and Bar Stools, the library is distinguished by its flexibility, and can be used for students, professionals, or simply individuals seeking some quiet.

New Order Shelving creates a strong architectural element, with its open-grid structure creating “windows” toward street life. On the shelves, museum literature that used to be hidden away now offers an accessible way for visitors to get engaged with the museum.

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