Introducing Pierre Charpin's new PC Lamps

Inspired by the tulip-shaped shade of his iconic PC Task Lamp, French designer Pierre Charpin and HAY have created an extended family of new PC lights, which includes the PC Pendant, the PC Table Lamp, and the PC Portable.

With their sleek silhouettes and complex engineering, the PC Lamps are a masterpiece in clever design: Charpin has kept each model as simple as possible, ensuring that any technical components are out of view. Available in a range of colours and finishes, the PC Lamps have something for everyone, bringing a touch of unique elegance to any environment, from the bedroom to the dining room or office.

“The idea of the original PC Lamp was to create a light that contains technology, without making that technology visible.

"You might call it an anti-high-tech object.”

– Pierre Charpin

“Departing from the form of the shade, which they all share, we have now made a PC family of lights that is quite vast."

"The mission with this collection was to make objects that are simple in form, and that can be easily integrated into very different environments.”

– Pierre Charpin