Dorso by GamFratesi Studio Visit

Inspired by the shifting curves of a human torso in motion, GamFratesi’s Dorso chair contains a surprise function not usually achievable in such a clean, compact package: 360 degrees of rotation.

This relaxing and functional chair combines the generous, embracing feel of a lounge chair with a swivel function and a sleek silhouette, both of which are rare in that typology. Dorso’s elegant appearance and flexible use make it suitable for many different contexts, from conference rooms, lounges, and waiting areas in public environments to homes and other private settings.

To celebrate Dorso’s launch, we visited GamFratesi in their Copenhagen studio to learn more about its innovative design.

How would you describe Dorso?

GamFratesi: Dorso is a lounge chair, compact but particularly inviting and comfortable. The project plays with two elements, the seat and an embracing backrest. It is precisely the lateral detail of the back where, with the front part, vertical and straight, it meets the lateral inclination, creating a particular geometric fold. The detail has particularly fascinated us, since the chair takes interesting geometric views, rigorous, but at the same time organic.

The chair was also designed considering a rotation to make the project functional, and once seated, leaves us cradled and constantly moving in space. All the swivel mechanism had to be hidden, and elegantly let the four thin legs come out of the upholstery. For this reason the shape of the seat is very rounded, but not circular, so as to leave its mysterious function.

What was the goal for you in designing this chair?

GamFratesi: A seating that could be very flexible, dynamic and that could adapt to different spaces, residential, hotels and workplaces. For this reason it had to have a friendly aspect but also the functionality of an object that could enter a workspace in a technical way.


Where did you find inspiration?

GamFratesi: The human body and the natural shape that our body finds with the twisting of the back. It is a fascinating part because it is a complex natural form but which contains great simplicity. The name Dorso in Italian indicates the anatomy of the posterior region of the chest, as a geometric area of inspiration.

How do you feel this product is in keeping with your practice in a bigger sense, or a diversion from it?

GamFratesi: The product respects our philosophy, since function and gesture are translated honestly within the design. The lines are geometric, but the whole design is sculptural. The rotation function of the seat is a feature that is not expected, because it is finely designed, and this gives us a feeling of surprise, creating a relationship with the user.

Dorso Variants