Perla Phone Holder By Ana Kraš

Designed by New York-based Ana Kraš, who also designed the Bonbon Shade for HAY, Perla is a unique and decorative over-the-shoulder phone holder that combines a contemporary concept with a traditional craft. Made from miniature coloured beads that are hand threaded into beautiful patterns and featuring a long shoulder strap, the holders can contain a wide variety of phones or other items. 

The idea for the product arose during one of Mette Hay’s trips to New York, where Ana Kraš lives. When Mette, Co-founder and Creative Director of HAY Accessories, discovered a beaded, red-and-white vase in a local flea market, she was inspired by the delicacy and charm of the handiwork. After showing the product to Ana, the two discussed the idea of taking inspiration from traditional craftsmanship and transforming historic techniques into modern design objects with a contemporary vision and flair.

The Perla Collection includes an original and practical selection that supports an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Available in 5 versions, Perla features a range of lines, stripes, colours, and patterns, all of which come together as beautiful graphic elements that utilize a traditional craft.

“We have always seen HAY existing in between art, architecture, and fashion, and I feel that Perla is very linked to fashion,” says Mette Hay. “And I think Ana was the perfect person for this product, as she has such an original eye for graphic elements like pattern and colour, and finds new ways to put things together that I am always so inspired by.”

About Ana Kraš

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1984, Ana Kraš studied furniture design and interior architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 2013, she moved to New York, where she has continued pursuing various projects in the fields of object design, art, photography, and fashion. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, and featured in many international publications. For HAY, Ana has designed the Bonbon Lamp Shade and the Perla Phone Holder.

Perla Phone Holder Collection