Introducing Soft Edge Sled

Designed by Iskos-Berlin, the stackable Soft Edge Sled is the newest addition to the versatile Soft Edge family. Combining the line's signature emphasis on ergonomic, human-centered comfort with the practicality of a sled base, the Soft Edge Sled has an elegant silhouette that fits beautifully in a range of environments, from the office to the dining room and beyond. 


With its plastic (PP) seat and back in a wide range of colours and steel-sled base, Soft Edge P10 Sled offers both uncluttered aesthetics, stability, and functionality. Also available with upholstered seat.

About Iskos-Berlin

Iskos-Berlin is the design partnership of Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin, which was founded in 2010 and is based in Copenhagen. Together, the founding partners work across the fields of industrial, furniture, and graphic design. The pair previously worked together at Komplot Design: Berlin was a founding member in 1987, with Iskos joining the practice in 1999.

Berlin (b.1958) is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and is a graduate of the city’s Institute of Applied Arts, while Iskos (b. 1965) is from Kharkov, Ukraine, and has studied architecture, engineering, and industrial design in both Ukraine and Denmark. Their approach is to “see design as an art of storytelling” and they pay particular attention to the materiality of objects, often letting this define the language of their designs.

Soft Edge 10 Sled Selected Variants