The Nina Coupe Glass Collection

HAY is delighted to announce the launch of a limited-edition collection of coupe glasses in collaboration with Copenhagen-based artist and designer Nina Nørgaard, available exclusively at our HAY Stores in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Oslo from April 29th. The Nina Coupe Glass Collection features delicate glasses in a range of eclectic colours that are both decorative and functional. Classic yet original, these multifunctional objects are ideal for serving cocktails and desserts, or even storing jewellery. Made in Denmark at Holmegaard Værk, there are six different colour options and styles to choose from. We talked to Co-Founder and Creative Director of HAY Accessories, Mette Hay, and asked her about how the collection came to life, the collaboration with Nina, as well as her fascination with glassworks.

When was the first time you became aware of and interested in Nina Nørgaard’s work?

Mette Hay: It’s always hard to put a finger on the exact moment when you take note of someone’s work for the very first time, but in Nina’s case I remember that it must have been right after she had created a glass collection for the internationally acclaimed restaurant Noma here in Copenhagen.

Her work caught my eye immediately as being exquisitely crafted and plain beautiful. Her skill and sense of beauty impressed me straight away. This was many years ago.

How did this first impression turn into a collaboration?

Mette Hay: An essential part of our work at HAY is working with people whose work Rolf and I admire. This sentiment paired with our fascination with and passion for all kinds of craftsmanship – be it a hand-woven carpet from India, or handmade glassworks as in Nina’s case – quickly had me realize that I would love to make a collaboration with Nina happen. We are extremely proud that we succeeded in doing so.

What memory comes to mind first when you think back to the collaboration process?

Mette Hay: There are so many! I do have a few favorite memories though, among them one of our first meetings: At the time, Nina had a small studio space next to her houseboat. It was freezing cold that day, and Nina served hot tea in one of her delicate tea jugs. It was a perfectly charming little scene, creating warmth both physically and figuratively.


You mentioned that you love to work with designers and creators that you admire. Can you give us an example of something you find intriguingly admirable about Nina?

Mette Hay: There's something about Nina's aesthetics: I like all her designs and I feel the collection we have done together represents both her and HAY's style.

Another thing that caught my eye immediately was, quite simply, Nina's hands - it's almost as if they were made for the work she is doing. It's difficult to put into words, and maybe it sounds like a cliché but when I see her in her element, working and in action, there is something in the movement of her hands that makes me think: These hands were meant to work with glass. I had the chance to see this collection take shape - quite literally -, and I was quite blown away by that experience, I must say. Nina inspires me on many levels, and I don't think that this collection will be the last project we do collaborate on.

Would you share with us how it felt to see this collection in the making?

Mette Hay:
I loved it, and even if I’m repeating myself here: The amount of skill, detail and craftsmanship going into the creation of glassworks is astounding, and I can only recommend anyone to visit Holmegaard Værk, where this limited collection was produced, and the adjacent Holmegaard Museum – both convey an almost enchanting sentiment.

About Nina Nørgaard

Nina Nørgaard is a Copenhagen-based artist and designer working with handcrafted glass. After studying mouth blown and sculpted glass with masters in Europe and the US, she graduated from Kosta School of Glass in Sweden in 2010. Creating decorative and functional designs intended for everyday use, Nina Nørgaard has been commissioned for diverse projects all over the world. For HAY, Nina Nørgaard has designed the colourful Coupé series.