Welcome to HAY House 2.0

HAY House has been redone to include the original two-storey boutique plus two additional floors with a showroom and a multi-purpose work, event, and meeting space.

“From the very beginning, HAY House has been the very heart of the brand, a gateway inviting everyone into the universe that is HAY – no matter if you were looking to buy a toothbrush or a sofa. Making our visitors feel at home has always been the most important for Rolf and myself”, says Mette Hay. 

Mette and Rolf Hay

HAY House Copenhagen

HAY House Entrance

At the core of the renovation is our desire to create a united space for HAY as a brand that blends architecture, art and design in a way that showcases how you can best live with HAY. 

Having worked closely with members of HAY’s internal team from design, product development and art direction, the new space is a union of many ideas and dreams for the future. 

“Stripping HAY House to the core and building a unified brand vision for the future is a dream come true for us and the team. What happens at HAY House is truly what the brand is about”, says Rolf Hay.

The renovation builds on the existing architecture while incorporating details from artists and collaborators that we admire. For example Nathalie du Pasquier, whose paintings have been embellishing the very entrance of HAY House for years; as well as our long-time partner V1 Gallery, whose artists’ works have become an almost natural part of the interiors of the shop. 

HAY is built on the principles that everything we make draws from three primary sources of inspiration: art, architecture, and fashion – and, most importantly, to create a universe that is inviting and welcoming, with HAY House being at the heart of this universe.

Rolf Hay explains: ‘When HAY is at its best it is bringing people together. With HAY House, we have tried to design a space that in which generosity and warmth are present, a space that both represents the now and our vision for the future.”

Rolf Hay

Mette Hay

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Østergade 61, Copenhagen