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HAY's Scent is a collection of fragrant silk sachets featuring a variety of patterns. The compact perfumed squares are designed to spread a fresh, pleasant scent in drawers and cupboards.

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SCENT / Variants

SCENT / Designer

Amanda Borberg is a 28-year-old Danish designer, based in Copenhagen. She graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation with a master’s degree in textile design. She currently works as a freelance designer, developing prints and colour palettes for textiles used in diverse art projects within the interior, fashion and textile industries. Amanda’s style is characterised by its natural expression of timeless elements and her fascination with the interplay of combining colours. In her collaboration with HAY, she strives to keep her designs simple, leaving sufficient space for shape, material and quality, while adding a playful or melancholic element to the products. For HAY, Amanda Borberg has created the Été Bedlinen series, Frotté Towels, Scent Fragrance Sachets and the striped Kitchen Cloths