Kofi Table by Martin Solem

Created by Norwegian designer Martin Solem for HAY, Kofi is based around the simple concept of a flat-pack wooden frame construction and glass top. Martin Solem uses clean dimensions and proportions to highlight close attention to detail, resulting in uncluttered aesthetics with distinct lines and a timeless quality.

The FSC-certified frame comes in different water-based finishes, while the top is available in plain or reeded glass, offering numerous design combinations that makes Kofi ideal for a variety of settings and styles.

About Martin Solem

Martin Solem (born 1985) is a Norwegian designer based in Copenhagen. He moved to Denmark to explore Danish design, and after working for Rud. Rasmussen, he studied design at The Royal Danish Design School, where he graduated in 2014. Since then he has been involved in projects with Capellini and Bernhardt Design, as well as participating in exhibitions in Paris, London and Oslo. He currently pursues solo design projects alongside working full-time at HAY as Head of Product Development – Furniture. Martin always strives to have an innovative approach to his work, and believes good design has to be both realistic and useful. For HAY Martin Solem has designed Kofi.

Kofi - Selected Variants