FDB J104

From 275 EUR

Jørgen Bækmark’s J104 chair was designed as a cross between a dining chair and an easy chair, HAY’s reproduction of this classic is crafted in solid beech with a natural finish or a variety of coloured finishes.

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Joergen Baekmark is a Danish designer who worked at the FDB furniture design studio from 1958 until 1967. He trained as a cabinet maker and took courses in the applied arts, he is known for a particular lightness of touch and for pioneering flat-pack furniture for export. FDB (Fællesforeningen for Danmarks Brugsforeninger) is the Danish Consumers Cooperative Society, more widely known as Coop. The FDB furniture department played a pivotal role in revolutionising the industry in Denmark, it was founded in 1933 and in 1942 Børge Mogensen was installed as design director. His pioneering approach was distinguished by a desire to create simple, elegant and practical design intended for mass consumption. At FDB, Baekmark was initially tasked with designing lightweight pieces for export, such as the JW08 chair, and later went on to become the head of FDB furniture department himself. His designs now produced by HAY are the J104 chair.