New Order Living

New Order is extremely versatile, and can either function like a framework for a given space or be integrated seamlessly into it. It is sleek and contemporary in its aesthetic, and yet is discreet enough not to interfere with or determine the look of a room. It creates an open and inviting environment by offering the possibility to display or exhibit items, rather than hiding them away.


With its simple, modular design, New Order’s shelf construction offers a flexible and aesthetic bookshelf for home use. The multiple-shelf open design can be used to display and organise a wide range of objects, from books in the living room to dishware and dry goods in the kitchen.


New Order cabinet units and shelving can also be used for storage at home.  In the living room, it can be an appealing TV console, offer extra space for gloves and hats in the hallway,  or hide away unsightly piles of paper.


With its clean, contemporary aesthetic, New Order offers endless possibilities for use in the kitchen. It works particularly well as a combination shelving unit and cabinet, to store some items and display others. 


New Order’s multifunctional tables are also suitable as dining tables. Available in a range of tabletop finishes and colors, New Order tables have a clean, contemporary look that works perfectly in a dining-room setup.

Home Office

In a home office, New Order creates a sense of order that is well suited to a softer domestic context. Attaching the New Order Table to a shelf unit creates a functional and compact workstation that offers optimal desk space, as well as efficient storage.