Burnside Restaurant, Tokyo

A casual café by day and a bar by night, Burnside is a new restaurant and art space located in Harajuku, Tokyo, the centre of the city’s fast-paced art scene.The open-plan dining area is made clean and functional by HAY’s Soft Edge 12 chair rendered in black to match the sleek interior. Designed by Norwegian architecture and design firm Snøhetta with input from NYC-based collective Ghetto Gastro, Burnside utilises a stage-like kitchen as the focal point for a visually dynamic space.

Featured Product: Soft Edge 12 by Iskos-Berlin

ISKOS-BERLIN’s Soft Edge series features an organically-shaped seat and back rest, blending strong curves with lightness to create three-dimensionality that is not typically possible with 2D plywood. The result is a minimalist design that optimises comfort. Soft Edge 12 creates a seamless, unified expression that offers an uncluttered aesthetic, stability, and functionality. 


The Soft Edge 12 chair with solid wood legs comes in a range of base colours and finishes,  as well as a selection of seat choices. The chair, without upholstery, is stackable up to six pieces deep.


The Chair Trolly is designed to facilitate transportation and provide a functional storage solution for stacking Soft Edge 12 chairs. The chair trolley features a compact, wheeled frame, making it easy to move and store.

Soft Edge 12 with Linking Device

Soft Edge 12 is also available with pre-mounted linking brackets, useful for conference or other event seating.  Please note that the linking device cannot be retrofitted.

A Sustainable Profile

The Soft Edge 12 chair is EU-ecolabelled and made with FSC-certified wood. The lacquer is water-based. This chair is tested for contract use within EN and BIFMA standards, making it suitable for canteens, restaurants, and other public areas.


About Iskos-Berlin

Iskos-Berlin is the design partnership of Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin, which was founded in 2010 and is based in Copenhagen. Together, the founding partners work across the fields of industrial, furniture, and graphic design. The pair previously worked together at Komplot Design: Berlin was a founding member in 1987, with Iskos joining the practice in 1999.

Berlin (b.1958) is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and is a graduate of the city’s Institute of Applied Arts, while Iskos (b. 1965) is from Kharkov, Ukraine, and has studied architecture, engineering, and industrial design in both Ukraine and Denmark. Their approach is to “see design as an art of storytelling” and they pay particular attention to the materiality of objects, often letting this define the language of their designs.