Is the office dead? How can working from home work better? What’s the next normal? And how can workers thrive when it arrives? HAY turned to MillerKnoll’s Global Research and Insights team, who gathered insights and information to answer these questions and more.

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Spaces for socialisation, collaboration, and focus


The shift many organizations are making toward a hybrid workplace strategy requires rethinking their physical spaces. For the best workplace experience, the office should be designed to support Community Socialisation, Team Collaboration and Individual Focus.

Community Socialisation


By providing areas that encourage people to interact with their extended networks, the office can help re-establish these connections. These connections are critical for setting and maintaining culture and for helping people feel a sense of purpose and belonging at work.


Team Collaboration


To better accommodate longer-term team collaboration, spark new thinking and create more opportunities for spontaneous interaction, organisations need to flip the prevailing model of workplace design and shift emphasis from individual workstations to group spaces.


Individual Focus


For individuals who struggle to focus while working from home, a return to the physical office can provide a respite for concentration and focused work.


At HAY, we see the power of design as an instrument to help organisations provide more equitable, flexible work areas and experiences through inclusive design.



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Text: Herman Miller

Images: HAY