HAY Textile Tutorial

In the winter months, we all need some extra warmth — and may find that our collection of throw blankets and pillows has taken on a life of its own. Browse the styling tips below for inspiration and get the most out of your textiles, creating visual landscapes that are as cozy to see as they are to use.

Arranging pillows in different tones of the same color together creates an appealing gradient and establishes a kind of direction and movement for the color. It’s easy to bring in a stripe, a pattern, or another color entirely to make the whole arrangement pop. 
Don’t be afraid to mix textures. Distinctive surfaces -- furry, smooth, rough, soft -- go well together. Combining suiting upholstery with velvet, or juxtaposing mohair with cotton or linen, is a fantastic way to create visual interest and keep things fresh.

The classic combination of cognac and yellow becomes extremely fresh when white or another light color is added to it. Here, the dark blue adds depth and anchors the whole tonal range.

Here, the softness of the Velvet Dot Cushion goes nicely with the rough texture of the Mags Cushion behind it. Classics – gray, dark green, navy – always work well with a pattern or another tone that pops, so the vibrant Striped Cushion here is nice foil for the darker hues. There is a dialogue between the Stripe Cushion and the Mohair Blanket, which combine different sized stripes and textures that engage all the tactile senses.