HAY Accessories includes an uplifting selection of soft blankets, colourful cushions and poufs, and calming candleholders. Explore our most comfortable collections and bring warmth to the places you gather with friends and loved ones. 


Stay in bed with Matin Table Lamp and Duo Bed LinenThe world can wait, especially on the weekend. 

Stay warm & keep it soft underfoot with Tapis and Pouf. It might be cold outside, but a cozy home never allows for cold feet. 

Outline Cushion. Pillows, pillows, pillows. No bed or sofa is complete without them!

Make the most of long, quiet mornings with soft DUO bedding and luxurious Crinkle bedspread, so you can linger between the sheets a little longer.


Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details, the Mags 9 Cushion, and Mags 10 Cushion ensures what lies beyond its strong aesthetic presence has an equally lasting impact.

Whether you want soft and plush or supportive like the Mags 10 Cushion, we’ve got pillows and cushions of every size and texture.

Outline Cushion features a classic design with a contemporary colour twist. Made in a cotton-linen blend, it has piped trim around the edges to create a more defined silhouette. 

The Peas Random rug brings together the room, while ensuring that every step is taken in comfort.