Meet the Matin Table Lamp by Inga Sempé

With its romantic shade and clean, contemporary base, Inga Sempé’s Matin Table Lamp is as versatile as it is unique. This fresh take on a classic silhouette is at home in any environment, from the office to the bedroom.

We chatted with the designer about color, simplicity in design, and how she finds inspiration for her work.  

Photos by Morgane Le Gall / HAY

What was your inspiration when designing this light?

Inga Sempé: I had in mind a flat-packed lamp, specially designed for HAY. Easy mounting, and easy to use. Lively, soft, and qualitative.

How did the design process start?
IS: I always draw a lot, and then we do a lot of mock-ups.

What about color: How did you decide which colors to use?
IS: I went into the fabric shops I have been visiting since I was a teenager, and bought 50 cm. of ribbon: I liked the colours. And then I tried to make some nice combinations.

What kind of resources do you use when you are creating a design? What resources or materials did you use as references with Matin?
IS: There are no resources behind my projects: no books, no museums. My way of working is to draw, which is a way to try to synthesize all I have seen in my life.

How would you describe your signature aesthetic?
IS: I try to make simple (but not minimalistic) objects with a particular character, that can please people from 20 til 100 years old.