Élémentaire Chair by Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec

With Eléméntaire Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec set out to create a chair that is both aesthetically and physically balanced. A mélange of years of work and experience, Eléméntaire uses the latest technology to create a chair that is both robust enough to be a long-lasting object while still appearing delicate. Precise proportions and a clear profile give Eléméntaire a charm that allows it to stand out on its own or look good in a group of many. 

Designed for everyday life, Eléméntaire fulfills basic needs in a balance of beauty and strength. Élémentaire Chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.

“The objective direction was a very clear direction to do an inexpensive chair for less than possible but the most beautiful as possible”, Ronan Bouroullec

 “The starting point for Élémentaire was to do a plastic chair that does not look like a plastic chair”, Ronan Bouroullec

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