The New Order series by Stefan Diez is well-suited to the domestic environment, and complemented by a range of elements and extensions designed for the workplace. Versatile and modular, the furniture can be customized to every environment and taste.

Michal Sodeau's functional Anything Collection of office essentials comprises a stapler, tape dispenser and scissors in a stand. Featuring a plastic casing and available in three different colours. 

Keep a track of the office accessories with the multifunctional Colour Crates, which are in a ventilated and stackable design. Comes in a variety of different colours and sizes. 

The handy and practical Tool Box is designed by Shane Schneck with extra compartments at the sides and top of the handle to optimse storage space. 

Part of the HAY Copenhague range, the Copenhague Table CPH30 sets itself apart by its coloured linoleum table top and strong identity. Ideal for using as a desk or table in a office or meeting room. 

Made possible by exploring innovative developments in moulded plywood techniques, Iskos-Berlin's Soft Edge 10 Series blends strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimonsionally that is not normally possible with 2D plywood. 

A monocoloured notebook featuring page edges in the same colour as the cover. All colours are with plain pages on the inside.  

Neu's ergonomically moulded shell combined with its cast swivel base results in a perfectly defined profile. And that makes it the perfect choice for offices. 

Phil Procter for HAY's Split Tray design has two separate compartments, and it is useful for storing or dividing office items. The Split Tray is made in plastic and available in two different sizes and a variety of colours. 

The New Order system has infinite customizable configurations for any office space or need.

Bullet is a sleek pen available in metallic gold. Although not refillable like the classic fountain pens, it feels equally perfect in your hand with its weighty metal feel.

The solid rounded shell and unified silhouette of the About A Chair AAC 52 adds executive weight and brings a warm, welcoming expression to the otherwise functional and technical genre of office chairs. 

Soft Edge 10 features a steel base that reinforces its light, uncluttered aesthetics, while its strength and stackability ensure years of everyday use in a wide range of public and private environments – from classrooms and cafés to a home environment. 

New Order shelving and storage systems is well-suited to the domestic environment, and complemented by a range of elements and extensions designed for the workplace. Versatile and modular, the furniture can be customized to your environment and tastes.

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